The storm by Lennon

It was a deep dark stormy night and there  were 13 fishermen out fishing. One said “there is a storm supposed to be coming” and the rest said ” a don’t mind the news they’re just saying that the stop you fishing” and the the storm hit them. Boats were flying everywere…..

All the saliors woke up in a forest. A magic, purple fox was waiting for them she said “do you want to have a bit if fun” the saliors said excited ” why not”. Then the magic fox gave the boats wheels so they could play bumper boats while they were there. They played for hours and hours till they had to go home……

10 thoughts on “The storm by Lennon”

  1. Bumper boats is a great idea! Didn’t that idea come from a genius in our classroom?! Where did this magic fox come from though, that’s a question I’d like the answer to! Keep up the good work Lennon!

  2. Hi Lennon.
    amazing story.
    This story reminds me of a movie that i watched with my dad.
    how did the fishermen go flying if the wind wasn’t that powerful?
    Kyle5th Mrs Boyce’s Class

  3. Hi Lennon.
    I liked your story.
    I liked the concept of the magic purple fox.
    How old were the fishermen?

  4. Hi Lennon.
    Very interesting story It got me giggling.
    It reminds me of the Titanic when they crashed into the icebourg.
    How would they get home?
    By Dylan O’C
    Mrs Boyce’s 6th class

  5. Well done Lennon, you’ve done a great job with the prompt this week! I really like the idea of the boats playing ‘bumper boats!’ It sounds like great fun!
    Great work.
    Ms Brennock

  6. Hi Lennon
    That was a excelent story
    I loved the cliffhanger because it had a load of questions at the end
    It reminded me of one of my friend’s story and you should check it out
    It got me wondering why didn’t the rest of the sailors listen to him
    Please comment back on my story
    Mrs Boyce class

  7. Hi Lennon great story
    I loved reading it
    I wonder did the boats survive?
    I loved the cliffhanger at the end
    Amazing story bye Shane F Mrs boyces class

  8. Hi Lennon.
    Amazing story.
    It reminded me a bit of Swallows and Amazons.
    I thought when they were playing bumper boats it was funny.
    Well done.
    David 5th Mrs.Boces class.

  9. Hi Lennon, great story.
    13 Fishermen that a lot.
    Did the boats survive.
    I wonder what happens next.
    Shane C 5th.

  10. Hi Lennon. I wasn’t a bit surprised the sailors agreed to have ‘a bit of fun’ I think it’s a perceived idea that sailor are always up for fun – and they certainly got their fun in this super story. I think I’d have loved a spin in those bumper boats. It all sounds rather magical. I’m wondering if the Sailors might have had a tot of rum too many???

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