Storm in Pizzaville by Eoin

One day,in a completely normal place,something terrible was about        to happen……KFC WAS SHUTTING DOWN!!! Just joking,KFC wasnt shutting down,but something bad was about to happen,because the weather was terrible at the moment in Pizzaville,and a horrible storm was coming.A week quickly passed and the storm was about to arrive.The people of Pizzaville were really scared.As the weather changed,they all stayed in their houses,trying to keep safe.KFC even shut down, which is bad because everyone in Pizzaville loved KFC.Anyway,let’s get on with the story.In the end,it turned out that everyone was safe because it was just a giant above them making loads of noise.

4 thoughts on “Storm in Pizzaville by Eoin”

  1. Hi Eoin
    That was a really witty story and thank goodness the people of pizzavile are safe
    I liked the way that you had some good jokes in your story
    It reminded me of a comic I read but I forgot the name of it
    It got me wondering why did the giant make noise?
    Please comment back on my story
    Mrs Boyce class

  2. Brilliant , just brilliant. I love the comedy of the giant and KFC . I could not of come up with it. Well done.

  3. Hi Eoin.
    This was a great story.
    I like the name Pizzaville.
    Because PIZZA is my 2nd favourite food.
    Keep up the good work.
    Seanmcs mrs Boyces class Cork.

  4. A very amusing and entertaining story this week Eoin. I know a few people who would be upset if KFC shut down. Personally I’d prefer a pizza – I can make a really good one too! I love the title of your story – and the name of the town ‘Pizzaville’!

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