WK10: The Spellbound Robber

One cold Monday I  came in and I was the first one in school even before the TEACHERS. But I saw someone in the distance he had mask he looked like a robber, I hid were he could not see me . He had a massive  bag, it looked like a bag of spelling books and I could hear him say,”where would we hide it all and then he laughed ha ha ha”.  I knew his plan, our class were going to have a spelling contest the next day,the robber must be from the rival team. I ran told Mr Russell and he saved the day. The next day we would  the spelling competition.

3 thoughts on “WK10: The Spellbound Robber”

  1. Great story Josh I really like how you were in the school even before the teachers I didn’t know you were so eager to get into school

    From Ben.C
    Check out my story on mrrussellsclaas.100wc.net
    Jim and Ryan the robbers

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