the purple professor

one night I was outside and I saw somthing moving in the bushes. It was purple it was a professor looking for somthing. I said to the professer do u need help. He said its very difficult finding a crocodile  . I said to him u can find crocodiles  in the swamp at the end of the road. So he went to the swamp. There was lots down there. The professor said Im getting the nice one or the twisted one. In the end he picked the twisted one. It was so twisted that it walked into the wall so I went home and straight into bed

10 thoughts on “the purple professor”

  1. What did the professor want the crocodile for Bradley? Nothing sinister I hope! That crocodile must have been really twisted if he walked into a wall – or maybe it was really dark and he couldn’t see where he was going! Keep up the good work.

  2. Bradley I like your story I though it was freaky but really cool story do keep up the good work by dylan

  3. Hi Bradley I love your story at the end I got goosebumps I don’t think I’ll go back to Africa to see crocodiles again

    Excel mrrussellsclass

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