The Professor

One day there was a professor in his lab in underground New York City.He loved the colour purple and his whole lab was covered in it.It was very weird.But then one day,an 11 year old boy stumbled across an open hatch and he jumped down the twisted tube.The professor greeted the boy.”Hello ,my name is Cornelius Quinton”.It was very difficult to say his name.The boy called Sean,greeted back with “hi my names Sean what is this place,then Sean was frightened at the sight of a crocodile pool .” This is my lab which you are going to stay here forever,and let out a ghastly laugh.

2 thoughts on “The Professor”

  1. Yikes! That ending is chilling, Se├ín! It could easily be a Halloween horror story! I wonder why the professor would want to keep the boy in his lab…? Was he looking for a sidekick – or has he a more evil motive with the crocodile? A super story, well done and keep up the great work!

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