The Plate by Habib

It was a terrible day for Zack. He kept on falling down. He was fed up of this so he decided to make a shiny mauve plate. This plate will help you stand upright and you will never fall. So he made a start on this plate. Zack said it will be a strong steel plate. And very sturdy. Under the plate there will be squished carrots to make it stand still. After 2 years Zack finished the strong,  shiny,sturdy and mauve plate. It was magnificent. He was very proud of his work. He went outside to test it. It didn’t work. He still fell over. Zack was tearful. He was so angry that he broke the plate.

4 thoughts on “The Plate by Habib”

  1. I laughed at this story Habib and I probably shouldn’t have. Can you imagine spending all that time working on something you really thought would work – only to discover it doesn’t. It would be so frustrating. I reckon if this invention really DID work though, it would be very popular indeed.

  2. Oh no Habib! Zack must have been very frustrated to break the plate after all the work that he had put into it. Good writing, well done and keep up the good work.

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