The Pencil fight

Me “THE AMAZING PENCIL WILL NOT GIVE UP” Gabron said. Gabron thought to himself “I need to find a team to help me fight the Pencil”.Then out of nowhere a person shouted “ME GEL PEN OF ALL PENS WILL NOT LET THE  PENCIL DESTROYER WIN”.Then Gabron decided to ask the amazing gel to work together.And gel pen heard a rumor that if The amazing pencil superman punched the ground and amazing gel pen writes on  the ground then a super robot  comes out of the ground.Then they enter the robot and after that  they start to attack.gel pen then spills gel all over the and then the pencil destroyer fell on the  ground the amazing pencil starts to rub of his legs but they realized that he grew the back to be continued?

8 thoughts on “The Pencil fight”

  1. What an interesting take on the photo prompt, Carrington! I do wonder what is going to happen next – will the amazing gel pen overcome the pencil destroyer? So many questions! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Great story I loved the part were there were post to find.
    A team to DEFEND the PENCIL the story was very funny
    From Tom.

  3. What a great take on the prompt Carrington. Let me tell you something – When Gel pens leak, they’re a complete nightmare!!! Looking forward to the next part of this story.

  4. I like the way it’s like a popular pencil/pen but with animation.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  5. Hi Carrington! I really enjoyed your blog. One thing I liked about your blog is your blog was very descriptive. I see you like robots , my grandpa used to be in robotics. Something that I can connect to in your story is I have once read a book like this but it was with superheros. Something you could have done better was you could have told us why the pencil needed to be defeated or why the gel pen and the pencil were fighting.

    Sincerely , Hayley from Illinois

  6. Hi Carrington. What an imaginative piece of writing you have produced! I very much like the way you have approached this prompt and have asked so many questions of the situation. I’d love to know how this ends.

    Thank you for sharing your work.
    Mr Rockey, Team 100 UK

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