The patch by Brian

Hi my name is Rylo. I’m all about laughter, its my middle name! Let me tell you a really funny story. Once I was watching a Man UTD. match and at the stadium there was a man and his little child was sitting behind him [P.S the man had a large bald patch] I was really enjoying the game especially when Pogba scored[ who’d a thought turkeys could play football! So a bit more about the man. So the child was asking his dad something and his dad turned and you could see his bald patch, and Some Arsenal player took a shot and missed and got him in the bald patch!!

2 thoughts on “The patch by Brian”

  1. Hmm…. who was this man with a bald patch who supports Arsenal…?! Sounds like someone we might know! How funny, though, that he got a smack of the ball! Good work, well done

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