Wk9: The Crazy Adventure

A long time ago there was a town called Atlantic there lived  a boy called Nathan  people were scared of him because he has a scar that means the devil is coming. All the towns people chased him out of the town thunder struck in a flash he left and towns people turned half human and half ghost.An adventurer advanced to a  unnatural  woods he looked back to see if anyone is following him suddenly he bumped into a  sign called The Town Of  Atlantic but he didn’t look careful . Then out of nowhere he so an abnormal thing he went to see what it was unexpectedly it bit him and he turned half human and half ghost he lead them to where he explored they all became a human ghost.

4 thoughts on “Wk9: The Crazy Adventure”

  1. Hi Collins I like your story because it has a spooky feeling to it.Spectacular writing!Keep up the good work

    Sincerely Carrington Waterford,Ireland

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