The mystery week 17

it was a wet stormy night. Sarah was walking down the alleyway coming home from the shop. She saw a bin rumbling and she went to investigate. She was scared but bravely approaching the bin. The lid opened without Sarah doing so. I…it grabbed her pulling her by her hair all I saw was big fat greasy hands and the girl screaming for help. I went to help her but it was to late. I turned in horror to see another one. I ran around it back home and climbed into the bed. The next morning the police were asking but how could she just disappear???

One thought on “The mystery week 17”

  1. Hi Ethan
    I really liked your story – even though it was a bit scary. You’ve set the scene very well and I knew it was going to end badly when you sent Sarah down the alleyway on a stormy night! I could see it like a horror movie unfolding!
    Great writing this week.
    Ms Brennock

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