the mutant ratman

once up on there was normal  rat roaming around the streets  of new york .everywhere he went  he got hatred  no one liked him because he was a rat . one day he was in an estate and someone dropped a bottle of mutant stuff and the flash of lighting it was a rat man who was nine hundred meters in hight and nine thousand pounds it was a monster of a rat it was evil and fat  ,big ,ugly and stupid it was bigger than than than ten houses on top of eachother was it evel or good to be continued

2 thoughts on “the mutant ratman”

  1. Hi Brandon,
    I loved your story and the way you used the prompt.
    I feel sorry about the rat at the start of the story, because no one liked him.
    I wonder how that bottle of mustant stuff made him turn into a villain.
    Great job this week, keep up the good work.
    By Lily.

  2. Hi Brandon,
    Your story was like something out of a horror movie this week. I never liked rats but after your vivid description of the mutant ratman I know I would hate him!
    I’m glad I’ reading this in the morning – otherwise I might be thinking of rats and ratman all night!
    Good work this week.
    Mrs Boyce

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