The Mighty Core of Tecton

One very dark day in New York, a group full of superheroes were ready to go against there nemesis Thanorus the conquerer of Gavewill a planet were the superheroes in the team are from.The super heroes are Tecton with his healing powers and his laser hands,Catgirl with her 9 life’s and finally the two (Normos who can still help).The next day a very odd day Thanorus was once again causing trouble.Everyone tried to run away but Although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress they still ran though.Tecton and the of the team appeared sliding down to Thanorus will he defeat ┬áthan ours or get heavily defeated by than ours to be continued

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  1. Hi Carrington,
    I hope Thanorus gets heavily defeated in your next story. Great story. Check over your story. Please comment on my story at https;//

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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