The magical TOD

Once upon a time lived a delicious sandwich from the SubWay Jungle Gods. It was called The Energetic Sandwich. You have to travel a very long way to find it, and at some points it might troll you and have find a white battery. It looks good. A lot of people hurried to the jungle to find it. But there was a person called TOD blessed from the gods. He easily finds stuff. TOD found the sandwich BUT got trolled and had to charge it. So he had to find The WHITE BATTERY again. So he found it but can he find The sandwich again?

3 thoughts on “The magical TOD”

  1. Hi Excel
    I love your post It is very funny. I love when your said “but then he got trolled” it made me laugh. Maybe add on what was on the sandwich. Also you could make the Subway Jungle God restaurant and you have to be in the V.S.C witch stands fore virtual sandwich club. Another thing to add is the sandwich gods could be the waiters.
    Happy Writing, Jack in Illinois

  2. Hello Excel,

    The opening of your story is funny. I quite enjoy the idea of a delicious sandwich living once upon a time in the jungle. It’s unique and original. The Subway Jungle Gods are a witty addition to the exposition.
    As a character Tod is intriguing. I wonder how he came to be blessed by the gods? I also wonder if the gods who blessed him are the Subway Jungle Gods or are they a different group of entities? The Energetic Sandwich seems very elusive, which adds an air of mystery to your story also.
    As a way to make your writing even better, I would suggest reading your story aloud before you finalize it. Hearing your piece can help to fix any spots where things may be not as clear as you wanted them to be.

    Thank you for sharing your sense of humor and your creativity,
    Gina Ruffcorn (Team 100, Iowa USA)

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