The Magical Bulb

It is 2am everyone in the house is fast asleep, the toy box is shaking and rattling, the top opens and out pops two csi agents Eugene and Jimmy. Eugene lassoed a rope around the light bulb, both the agents grab the rope and swing like monkeys across the room. ¬†Suddenly there is a loud crack, the agents fall to the floor followed by the light bulb which smashed into millions of tiny pieces. Eugene stood in shock while Jimey lay in a sea of green marble balls. The bulb was broke but all the smashed coloured glass glowed like a million glow sticks…………….to be continued



12 thoughts on “The Magical Bulb”

  1. What a terrific story, Josh! It reminds me a little of Toy Story – except I don’t remember the toys ever breaking anything! I would think that Eugene and Jimmy regret swinging out of the bulb. Although it’s a bit late now! Great writing this week, well done and keep up the good work!

  2. Josh I love your story it’s so cool and funny I love your story hope you make some more stories like that it’s cool by dylan?

  3. I’m smiling here Josh because as I was reading your story, my first thought was ‘Toy Story’. I see Mr. Russell thought the same. I loved all those films. Your story was just as enjoyable. Well done.

  4. Hi Josh
    we really enjoyed your 100wc. it was very imaginative and we like the cliffhanger

    it wold be better if you didn’t have so many ellipse 3 are enough

    by Ruby and Leo

  5. I like the way you ended with a fantastic ending and keep up the good work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  6. Hi Josh! I like the way you ended the story, I wonder what happens next? I thought that it was funny how you said that they swung around the room like monkeys. I also like all the descriptive details. And I don’t know any thing that you could improve on. It seems like “Toy Story”. What were the csi agents trying to do?

    in lllinois

  7. Josh, the vivid description and action in your post grabbed my attention right away. You really made the picture come to life with your word choice and the actions of your characters. Keep writing! What happens next?

    From Mary in Glen Allen, VA

  8. Hi Josh! I really liked how you said “they swung like monkeys around the room.” I really like this because it really helps me get a good picture of whats happening. Did you know that in real life if the swirly kind of light bulb breaks, it contains mercury which can kill people? I thought about Toy Story reading your piece because the toys came alive. Next time remember to write C.S.I like that instead of csi.

    Max in USA, Illinois

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