The magic slime

So what lies ahead of… One day mi freind told me how to make slime. He said I need shaving foam and pva glue. Mi mam said she will get the ingredients so she did. First shaving foam the pva glue mix well. There was no sign of it coming together. Then a flash of light came in mi window. And gave me an idiasomeone whispered in my ears do said airwick. Mi mam got me its put it in one squirt it came together. I called m magic slime. Everyone loved mi slime and wanted how to know how to make it

6 thoughts on “The magic slime”

  1. wow bradley i really enjoyed your story i love the part when lhitning struck through your window from benjamin L

  2. I like tour story BradleyM because it’s magical but always look over your story if you made any spelling mistakes.GOOD LUCK ON THE ATHLETICS TRIALS TOMORROW.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

  3. Hi Bradley. I enjoyed your story about making slime – have you made this yourself? Adding in the surprise of the flash of lightning makes it seem as though your slime has gained some special powers! I wonder what might happen next…

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