The magic door

It was a normal day as any  other  when my mam calls me for breakfast at half 12 Like this mrCharlie breakfast . It seeded  normal until all of a sudden as i was walking down stairs the kitchen door looked different it looked  like a rainbow? I opened  the door and I fell into this big massive black hole and then it suddenly  turned  all random and bang I woke. At first it was all blurry and then it cleared

 it turned  out I was still in the Black hole. I shouted  out to my mam their was no reply I shouted again their was still no reply Then my mam says love are you ok? THE END


One thought on “The magic door”

  1. Hi Nice story(Btw forgot to put the name in?) Really liked it and you know if i was in their i would scare my Chicken OFF IMAGINE SOMETHING ELSE IN THERE CHASING YOU and you can;t you can only float BUT luckily it was just a dream -Maksim

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