The Mad Professor!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time lived a mad Professor, his name was Professor Purple Pants, his plan was to take over the Suirvalley railway train and crash it in to Waterford city. He waited until the train was full with passengers and tied up the train driver, he hopped into the drivers seat and went full steam ahead. There was a difficult bend ahead and the train twisted around it so fast professor purple pants went flying into the river Suir. The professor was fuming he shouted help there’s a big crocodile in here as his jaws opened and bit him on the bum….The End☺

8 thoughts on “The Mad Professor!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Hi Amy and Ava here from 6th class in Granard co.longford! Your story is extremely funny? We got very interested, but I wish it was longer! Good job?Goodbye ✌?Ava and Amy

  2. Well done Josh! I loved your character’s name professor purple pants, also loved the comedy through out the story can’t wait to read more from you in the future??

    Donna and Courtney
    Sacred Heart PS Granard

  3. Bit him on the bum?!?! I almost feel sorry for him now! They must have gotten faster trains out there as last time I was out there I could nearly walk as fast as the train! Great imagination Josh, keep up the good work!

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