Wk:9 The lost dog

There once was a dog who lived in England he was a very special dog he was very good around people.The dogs name was  fluffy fluffy was a very fluffy dog that’s why his name was fluffy.Every day fluffy went out side because he knows his way into town and back home fluffy knew a man in town the man was a very good person he gave fluffy food.The man in town was always there but once the man wasn’t there it was a mystery so fluffy went around the shop footprints ? fluffy was susspitis .There was a bang and fluffy was gone to be never seen again

2 thoughts on “Wk:9 The lost dog”

  1. Hi Thomas. I like the man feeding the dog. And when the man was not there the dog must have been sad.

    Bye Adam Mrs Boyce class.

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