The incinerating bucket

One day a boy named Tom broth a bucket in to school. He dropped it he tried to pick it up and was incinerated. The other cids whached in terr the bucket lay there for years. Until a boy named Jack picked it up and was not incinerated all the cids though he was the devel he turned around and the cids looked at his face and he was the devel he chased he cids he incinerated 11 cids. 7 remain they came up with a plan to kill him. They cornered him with a stake nife and killed him and the bucket was left for the sicel to start again.

5 thoughts on “The incinerating bucket”

  1. I have to say Jamie that you have shown really great imagination with this story. Very impressive! I especially loved the last line, with the cycle about to start again. Spooky! Great effort this week, well done!

  2. I like your story because it was funny at the start and you had a word that I did’nt know the meaning,the word is incinerate. I hope you do more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Great story Jamie. You certainly had us all on edge here in St. Molua’s NS, Ardagh. Keep up the good work.

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