The Hotel By Bartek

Finally I was there,I could feel the goosebumps on my skin.I went inside the abandoned hotel reception,most of the lights were off and the rest were just flashing.The dusty windows were making random shapes….I got scared so I went up the creaky stairs…. And on the third step I heard a loud noise,and it sounded like the demon that I saw in a horror movie.I ran up and suddenly all the lights went out ,I got scared so I ran downstairs and I saw a shade of like a devil with horns.I ran forward and something caught me by the leg….. it brought me somewhere …It laughed.And I dont remember anything else.


2 thoughts on “The Hotel By Bartek”

  1. Yikes Bartek, that is pretty scary! I’m glad that you don’t remember anything else, as it might be too scary for me to read! Great writing, well done and keep it up!

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