The Halloween robbery

It was Halloween night and everyone was out  side  their houses trick or treating  and  when they were all gone in to their homes . And their was a home that there was one house that the owners were all a sleep when a strange man wearing a black mask and he had a hammer ?.  Then the man who had a hammer went in are earea and smashed the sitngroom window and went up stairs and he took all the valuable things in the room and then went in a black van. And then the as the door slammed  I knew that it was a robbery . And I rang the police and they cought the robber then the owners of the house got their vallibuals back to their home and they were very happy that they had not got hurt .

3 thoughts on “The Halloween robbery”

  1. Hi Nathan,

    What a really great story! This is a really good piece of thriller writing, especially around Halloween time. I can relate to this as I have experienced a similar feeling. I went to the London Tombs, a horror attraction in the city. It was really scary, they had professional actors and everything, which made it feel so real. I like the way you use sound in the piece: ‘smashed’ It is really effective. I also really like how you end the piece, being a happy ending. I also really like how you put a twist on it making the story about a robbery. This can be a very worrying time for something experiencing it, and you really captured it well. Keep up the good work!

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