The Famous Trick

There was once a small town called The Hover,and there lived thousands of people.Every year pirates come to the small town and steal lots of treasure.So someone called Wizzy had a plan,and told the whole town and the people of The Hover agreed to trick the pirates.

So the next year, the people of The Hover gave the pirates a treasure map,so the pirates set off looking for the treasure then they came to a cave and they saw the treasure chest and inside was a note that said “you have been tricked  that a bear is coming to eat you” so the pirates  ran quickly unto their ship ? and sailed and never came back.

And they all celebrated.

4 thoughts on “The Famous Trick”

  1. That was a good idea and a clever plan Fortune! I’m glad that they never came back and that the people of Hover can live in peace now. Well done this week!

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