The Fallen Titan by Excel

On wonderful day many rich and poor people have strolled on to this wonderful big ship called the Titanic.It will be remembered for being the biggest ship in the world.As soon as I came onto the Titanic I knew it was going to be a very special ship.The service was good and the food was better!Me and my wife Juliet were watching Television and at the same exact moment I and my wife heard a big BANG! we were scared everyone shouted in fear.We all went out to the ship harbour and blocked of the poor people. Unfortunately we all got on a Life boat it was a unfortunate day for mankind so,what lies ahead of this is that… WE CELABRATE ???

6 thoughts on “The Fallen Titan by Excel”

  1. I love your story Excel it reminds me of the sinking Titanic but it was different because you all survived and I like the way you all celebrated and no lives were lost.GOOD LUCK ON THE ATHLETICS TRIALS.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

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