The dream by Dylan

I woke up looked at the clock and saw it was two o’clock.I ran down stairs and had breakfast then I got dressed.”Today I start my new job”I said to my roommate John.When I got to the building I went to my station and started cooking.Suddenly there was a loud noise.”There has been an explosion on the top floor so get out now” said the voice on the intercom. So I ran out and got on my bike and cycled to my brothers lab. When I got there he told me “step into this machine it will heal you”. So I said “ok” and stepped in. Two seconds later the machine broke and I got electrocuted. Then I pointed at my brothers lab assistant and a lightening bolt hit him.I was shocked.Then I woke up in the lab and screamed……to be continued

2 thoughts on “The dream by Dylan”

  1. It all sounds like a bit of a nightmare alright Dylan!! I wonder what the explosion on the top floor was? Did you get superpowers after you were electrocuted? When you pointed, it sounds a bit like Electro from Spider-Man! Another super story, well done!

  2. Hi Dylan
    What a fast paced 100 word challenge this is – I was almost out of breath reading it. You’ve also left me with so many questions – like where did the lightning bolt come from and what caused the explosion? Could it all have been a bad dream? You’ve left it on a very clever cliffhanger. Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100wc

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