WK 10:The candy robber

Hi my name is Sean Godgiven and I love candy. I remember one one day I wet and bought a lot of candy. And when I got home I put the candy on the table and it was getting late and I had to go sleep so I took a shower and went to sleep. The next day I went downstairs to the kitchen and when I looked at the table !MY CANDY WAS GONE! There was a choclate hand print on the table witch means one thing,somebody stole the candy. But outside there was a man with a bag full candy,my candy. And then I heard the man say “This candy….but where can I hide it all?. The man turned into thin air. I heard this guys name is THE CANDY ROBBER. “Well it looks like i need to buy more candy”. THE END

3 thoughts on “WK 10:The candy robber”

  1. Hi Filip I love your story because it is funny and really good.Great work!

    Sincerely Carrington Waterford,Ireland

  2. Hi Filip?Loved your story ❤️The best part was about when the candy had disappeared ? well done ? great job?


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