The Bottle Of Pollution

One day a few years ago,scientists were doing an experiment on pollution around the globe.They were carrying a bottle of experimental stones and rocks,anything to make the world polluted.Then out of nowhere,the bottle toppled over from it’s own weight ,spilling out all of it’s contents.Luckily,the scientists were wearing protective suits to block out all pollution sickness.It was a sight to behold,red,yellow,green,pink and blue stones and beads,scattered around the floor.The pollution was spreading everywhere,making people very sick and some dying.Over 10 years passed,and many dying,everybody thought it was going to end all life on the Earth,50 years later and they were right.



6 thoughts on “The Bottle Of Pollution”

  1. Hello Sean the red yellow green pink and blue stones are cool I have nothing to say other than I like ur story.

    By excel

  2. Great story Sean the must have been very happy to have protected suits keep it up Sean.

    -Ben Q

  3. What an absolutely brilliant story, Se├ín. Super vocabulary used, and fantatstic use of adjectives. Really top class work – keep up the great writing!

  4. I like the way your talking about air for the environment and I hope you write more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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