The big spillage

One day a man was driving down the road in a slurry truck. As the truck came into a village the villagers noticed a bad smell coming from the truck. When the truck was coming to the bridge in the village ,it went out of control and crashed off the bridge and into the river emptying the slurry into the water .The river was now polluted and the villagers could not drink from it . The villagers had to work together to clean up the spill and decided not to leave trucks drive through the village anymore.Image result for slurry truck crash bridgeA valuable lesson was learned that day.

5 thoughts on “The big spillage”

  1. A very unique look at this week’s prompt Ben. I hope that they really did learn a lesson – pollution is a very serious problem all over the world. Good work, well done and keep it up!

  2. You’ve told a great story about Pollution Ben. I’m guessing the sweets in the picture represent the slurry spill? Well done.

  3. I like the way you describe the words for someone to know and I hope you keep the good work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  4. Hello Ben, I love the way you have picked a very topical subject to be the focus of your 100WC this week. I particularly liked the detail about the villagers working together to clean things up..and then to take action to prevent it happening again. Well done!

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