WK18:The african family

One Morning a nice day in Zimbabwe we were going to  KFC to have some lunch then as usual my sister was picky.And BTW Zimbabwe parents are STRICT so she realised she messed my mum said to her “Aaa GET THE CHICKEN POPCORN YOUR THE HORRIBLE VERSION OF GORDON RAMSAY *TSSSH* IDIOT GIRL WHO IS SO DUMB YOU CANNOT EVEN SPELL IQ IDIOT”I then had  to laugh I could’nt even resist it “HAAHAAA ITS TRUE YOU CAN’T SPELL IQ HA”I said.So then my mother looked me and then said”JESUS IS LORD CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT KIDS I HAVE JESU”I said but she said “AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO”And it all ended there……..


4 thoughts on “WK18:The african family”

  1. Hi Carrington
    What an interesting response to the prompt this week, I can see what you mean about your parents being strict. I wasn’t sure how the statues fitted into your story but I can see how you have looked closely at the setting of the statues being in front of a restaurant of sorts.
    Miss T team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

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