WK10: The BIG bust

Once there was a huge dark alley which no one ever I mean ever go through.But one day three people were willing to rob the liberty city bank.Some people called it the BEST bank robbery that ever happened.The three people were Fred,Johnny and Sam (which is me).They had equipment worth billions and april 3rd 2017 they came in  and Fred said nervously”EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM AND LAY ON THE FLOOR”!He said whilst he put an explosive device on the vault.He then opened it and said”I got the cash remember in and out”said Freddy with his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.Then I came in and asked” but where would we hide it all?”In the back Johnny said.After this robbery  stay on a clean sheet got that?”said Fred we replied Yep”and we were never seen again

3 thoughts on “WK10: The BIG bust”

  1. What a tense and thrilling tale Carrington. I like the way you’ve tried to be precise about some of the details like the character’s names and the date; for me, that helps to make the story more believable. I wonder where the criminals went so they could never be found though? Where would you go if you were one of them?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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