the Aussie zoo

On a sunny morning in the outback, on the wide orange sand of by the boarder of Sydney, there was a crocodile moving around looking for water, i thought he would eat me but he didnt even look at me he must of been so thirsty… i said to myself that i would follow the crocodile as i too was so so thirsty and i stayed behind him. i was so so close to the crocodile, probably within 3 metres away from the crocodile and i thought i was going to collapse because i started seeing things that were not there like, restaurants and pubs but it was my mind playing tricks and i passed out.


5 thoughts on “the Aussie zoo”

  1. Poor you JJ! I think I’d have passed out too, if I saw a crocodile that close to me! Was it the sight of the crocodile that made you collapse, or was it something else? Good work, well done and keep it up!

  2. Hi JJ,
    I liked your story.I wonder what made you hallucinate.I also wonder if the crocodile eat you while you passed out.-Kayden,Mrs Boyce’s Class

  3. It sounds to me like all those pubs and restaurants you saw was a ‘mirage’. Sounds like you badly needed a nice cold drink of water. I hope the crocodile didn’t decide he was hungry afterall!

  4. Well done JJ. It sounds like you really did need a drink! You’ve done a great job describing the scene in your story. Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

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