the amazeing adventure

We start with our 4 young heroes in a dungeon were they meet a wizard called zeneth he knew magic that the group wanted to know.The group find out that zeneth isn’t here who really is here is a giant troll he starts to speak ”i am gorbo i won this dungeon from zeneth in a bet why are you here” the knight starts to speak ” we are looking for zeneth do you know were he is” yes the troll said were said the knight at the end of the dungeon so what lies ahead for our heroes find out next time

4 thoughts on “the amazeing adventure”

  1. I like the part when it starts with four youngs kids who are looking for a wizard and other people come along and I like when you ended it with what lies ahead.
    Wonderful keep it up
    by collins

  2. Hi Caoilan. This is a lovely piece of writing and I like the fact that you have written an adventure story, setting the scene clearly with your characters and their setting. What will lie ahead for the heroes? I would love to find out. One thing to think about next time is to maybe check your use of capital letters at the start of every sentence.

    Thank you for sharing your writing on the 100wc.

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