The Animal Invasion ??

One day the scientists were messing around DNA. But one of the scientists fell and threw the two different types of animal DNA and both hit the most important person the smartest person in in the world. But nobody new so after night the smallest person in the world. His DNA started to be released out of his body in the morning he had become a half man and frilled lizard when he woke up. And went on a rampage releaseing all the mutated animals from there cages ; Let’s take over the planet said doctor animal; But be for he could of reacted he got shot in head but nobody knew suddenly a group of women started to shot killing all the mutated animals THE END.

6 thoughts on “The Animal Invasion ??”

  1. Love the story I love the bit when he frees the mutated animals from their cages


  2. Hi my name is Mikolaj.
    I really liked the story when the two different types of animals DNA and when they hit the smallest person in the World.
    Could you see the smallest person?
    Goodbye for now Mikolaj.
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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