WK 9: The Friendly Ghosts

One night in the U.K. people where al crowded up in a shopping district Buying stuff and taking pictures. But soon mysterious see-through people started popping up, It turns out they we’re only going shopping too. People we’re very scared but the ghost’s said “We are friendly don’t worry” Then the people started to calm down. The people wen’t back to what they we’re doing and so did the ghost’s. Soon the ghost’s disappeared and people stopped shopping and taking pictures, then wen’t home. Then throughout the night the lights we’re off and no one was to be seen. The ghost’s would come back every night to shop.

3 thoughts on “WK 9: The Friendly Ghosts”

  1. Well done Isaac, who knew that ghosts enjoyed shopping! I think it’s funny that the people just got used to the ghosts and continued on with the shopping!
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

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