Week4 the plane crash

The one morning there was plan getting fuel in and then they stopped because they thought they had enough fuel but they didn’t so then the plane took off.The flight was going ┬áso they were fliying nice and smooth but then the engin went off but then when it just wouldn’t take off.So then every one started panicking the poilot said to cool down because he tried to power the engine.So the pilot tried and tried but then he reialised they had to fuel left so the plane crashed and every one died


Week 1 – Where’s Me Soccer Boots!

One Tuesday wojtek looked for his soccer boots but he could not find for his soccer match. so he kept looking for them .Then he tried remember the last time he put them but he could not remember.He thought he found them but it was only a tissue.His boots were under a bag but he did’nt know.He had every thing ready but his boots.He looked and looked he did not find them.Wojtek looked in his room and his brothers room in the kitchen and the siting room. In the end wojtek found them under a bag.