29:The worst place on earth

When I was at the worst place in the world.It was misty nothing to be seen.I frantically ran for my life so I would be late.When I went into my class my checks were the brightest crimson you ever seen.All the kids shouted I will prefer that this place was hell.I thought that I was in grave danger and I thought that I was also dreaming but I was not.I awake in a chair in fort of a table with people around me I was terrified.My teacher looked like the devil because he gives us to much homework.So I know I was in school.

Wk17:The lizard vs the red snakes

There was a lizard called the  escapist he was the fasted lizard in the world.One day the lizard Cycled to a beach filled with red snakes.The lizard did not know there were snakes so when it was to late.The lizard got surrounded by snakes.The clock was clicking before one snake went right beside the lizard ran for it.The lizard ran like flash but he got caught by the snakes.he was about to die but then he freed him self The lizard ran as fast as it could jumping on to rocks and escaped the red snakes.know I now why the lizard is called the escapists.

The arsenal criminal

So it was 2010,Me and my police team were searching for one of the worst  criminals in the world.The criminal’s name is mrrussell(my primary school teacher  22 years ago )his 4.2 in height and he is a woo men like literally he is a woo men.He escaped prison 2 days ago. He has been seen in a hotel not so far away from the prison but he was seen carrying  a bag over his shoulder.The  next day….me and my team were heading to the hotel we walked  into is hotel room.It was shocking on the walls there were arsenal posters very where but where would we hide it all?My team said,what do you mean,I am talking about the arsenal posters or we should burn it all.


Wk7:The French Men

It was 1950,Me and family went to French for are holidays but we never know what would happened next.We all were staying in a hotel in Paris there was a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.It was 3:26 in the middle in the night I couldn’t get some sleep so I just stared and the Eiffel Tower it looked so beautiful but then something caught my eye.There were military men I wondered what they were doing I blinked Then in a second I heard gun shot I ran to my parents bedroom I was shocked what just happens.I went back to see what happend they weren’t there it must of been a ghost from world war 2 probably.

Wk7:Why my brother hates me(like a lot he hates me)

This was like a few years ago.Me and my brother were playing hide and seek, I was on and he was hiding,when I gave up because I didn’t find him so  I sat on a pillow on a chair when I sat down I heard glass breaking.It was my brothers tablet he left it under the pillow.It was twice as bad when he walked into the room.He looked at me like he was going to kill Me,I dropped the tablet and ran for my live.I ran to my bedroom as the door slammed,I knew I was in deep trouble.

Wk6:EX hurricane Ophelia

On the 16th of October hurricane Ophelia struck Ireland with a red weather warning.There were homes and school damaged and trees were destroyed of the hurricane three people died jurning the hurricane.there were thousands of people without electricity and running water.It was the worst hurricane sense 1961.It was best to stay indoors The waves were 45-50ft so that is the size of 3 double decker busses stacked on top together.All flights in Dublin were all cancelled and other airports too.We hope we don’t get a other trebble hurricane like this again.




WK:5 my most precious thing.

My most favourite thing in the world is a living thing.It has 4 legs it has a tail and it has big brown and black spots on his body and the rest of it’s body is white, and his name is bolt It’s a he.I got it in 2011, when I was five years old.He eat’s very thing he can find and he hate’s being alone when me and my family go off some were.It barks all day long when people pass by my house.It allows  jumps very were when I come back from school or some place.I walk him ever day so he is happy all the time…


Wk4: Halloween party.

One day it was Halloween. Me and all my friend and my dog. Went  trick or treating,We were all wearing costumes but my dog was’nt wearing one  because he’s a dog so I just gave him glasses to wearing we called him,and the dog was wearing glasses.So are first house we went to,the man thought that my dog was a bear so he ran back inside.The second house we went to,The Women  thought that my dog was a boy wearing glasses so she handed some sweats to  my dog.Then my dog bit her hand and then she went to the hospital.So there was are Halloween ruined for all of us.By the way she sued  us for €12500.






One day,there was a Professor called Tom,was trying to find a cure of a disease called pdc stades for purple dead crocodile.It killies more than 250-678 crocodiles a week.After weeks tom finally found a cure for this disease.But then tom dropped the cure it affected his brain and much more.He went Twisted and stared to attack the other professor.A guard ran  into the room shoot tom more than 3 shots to the head.BUT he did not die.Tom escaped for the lapator and ran for his life.The last 678 crocodiles were left they are still alive but Tomthe twisted profession was still out there I hope the police got Tom.

The light bulb

When I lived in the U.K..I was 6 years old but the scariest thing that happened  to me and my family.AT night my adic bulbwas on night and day we tried to turn it off but it allows was on.it was about 7:00 pm I woke to hearing people cry and screaming it was hard to breath but that is all I remembered.So I am 21 I went to the house I lived in when I was 6 years old.the first thing that came into my head was the light bulb. I went strat to the adic.the light blub was still on.I touched it and then it shattered.on the floor saw a picture of are house in flames under the glass!

The man in the forest.

So one day I went camping with my family.the camp site we were staying at was very-strange.there was a big forest surrounding the campsite.so we went for a walk in the forest.it was around 6am.Icould see a prison in a tree my dad started to scream at him.it was 3pm. Then we got lost.AND THEN we found a red tent. We all saw a man holding a body bag . It looked like the man we saw in the tree.my heart stopped there was a knife in is hand.we ran and we saw the campsite we called the police.so,what lies ahead of policemen’s.