Week 4 The Hunters’s Ship

As Pluck ran through the Hunter’s Spaceship he looked for an emergency escape pod.He couldn’t find one.Being a young Goblinn,he wasn’t the smartest,but he knew if he stayed on the Ship he would probably die.Up ahead he saw an escape pod guarded by two Hunters.He ran at them and took out his slingshot.He fired twice then jumped in.He tried to start it then got scared when it just wouldn’t take off.He feared the Hunters,huge wolf-like creatures would take him to their Queen.The Queen had a Lead Warrior and he was the biggest Hunter.Together her and her Warriors had killed 200 Goblinns.But as Pluck escaped he realised he wasn’t one of them.

Week 3 The Empire

In a village on the edge of a dense jungle in Africa the villlagers were terrified.They were terrified that the soldiers of the British Empire would come back and kill them.They were desparate. But they had warned them.In the thick jungle the soldiers were creeping up on the village.”Are we killing them this time?”one of them asked.”No were just stealing there tea plant and that yellow stuff.” “Wheat”the first one said.Then they attacked the village.They greedily stole their crops.A boy on a bicycle tried to stop the soldiers so the killed him.Then they left.

Week 2 – The Ambush on the Swamp

Ratchet and his brother Salamander were fighting on the side of the Light Bearer.They were fighting against the side of the Death Bringer.Ratchet was small,thin and smart.Salamander was big,tall and strong.Ratchet wielded his machetes and cut into an orc.A Necromancer jumped on him and took him to the ground.Then everything stopped and the world went black.Salamander,on the other hand was wrestling with a Necromancer while an orc punched him over and over.Ratchet got up and ran towards Salamander. “Salamder!”he shouted.He rushed through the battle and got to his dying brother’s side.”Salamander please.”His brother looked at him.Then he said simply.”Avenge me.”