WK18 The spy penguins

There once was penguins very funny penguins but they weren’t any old penguins they were penguins that were spy’s.They looked like statues they spyed on all crucks they once caught a alien boy who robbed a bag of crips and a bottle of water.But at one time he found a dog/cat girl type of thing she tried to rob the biggest bank in the world so she tried she poisoned the guards then robbed the bank.Suddenly the penguins showed up they turned into manikins and tripped her over and went to jail and sentenced to death and to never to be seen again.THE END

WK17 The red eyed snake

Once there was a snake a very sneaky snake with red eyes!The snakes name was sneaky peat   peat was a robber  he always robbed  and timed him self on the big clock that he brought around with him and every time he had a bike he cycled away on it.But before he tried to rob a house boy that was left at home with his sister the boy was a rabbit and his sister was a fish I know fish’s need water to breath but she was different.She planned traps so she did when peat tried to break in he got stuck in a trap and were put in jail and never seen again.

WK16 The hand man

Once there was a man who was a evil sintist his name was Dr patrope.Dr pratrope loved to be evil,roon children’s nightmares and make creepy things.Like once he made a hand man he could go big or small anytime.Hand man tried to destroy anything he seed cars buildings if he was hungry he would eat food stores.When kids were asleep the hand man would try clime in your house window he looked scary because it looked like his nails where not cut in three years.But there was a boy who the hand man came in his house before  and kept on coming into his house so the boy set up a trap it works hand man was never seen after he got shot and it never happened again


Wk:9 The lost dog

There once was a dog who lived in England he was a very special dog he was very good around people.The dogs name was  fluffy fluffy was a very fluffy dog that’s why his name was fluffy.Every day fluffy went out side because he knows his way into town and back home fluffy knew a man in town the man was a very good person he gave fluffy food.The man in town was always there but once the man wasn’t there it was a mystery so fluffy went around the shop footprints ? fluffy was susspitis .There was a bang and fluffy was gone to be never seen again

wk:7 Dr poopy pants saves the world

Once apun a time there was a hero named dr poopy  pants .Every body thou lad he was a nice guy. But dr pip was his enemy but dripping was bad he hated every body.He tried to take over the world many times about 100 times but suddenly a Big Bang ? .Dr poopy pants went to see what is happening there he is dr pip was taking over . Drpoopy pants was there he saw him and followed him . Dr pip went to his house and as the door slammed I knew he was hidding I found him and put him in the dirt he was never seen again.

The professor with the purple crocodile

Once there was a professor who loved to invent new things.Everyday he would make new things.but once it went very wrong. A purple crocodile he shouted he went out side and shouted run to the people there is a purple crocodile run for your life. So they all ran for there life’s the professor said it is going to be a difficult day to get the crocodile.But the crocodile sneaked up on himgrabbed his leg as the crocodile rapped spun and twisted the professors leg the FBI came .The professor shouted finally shout him ok thank you so muck and he never greeted anything again end