WK:29The scary graveyard

Once there was 2 boys who were playing thruth or dare.Jim and Tom were there names Jim dared Tom to go to a graveyard at night so Tom dodger. He wour a crimson jumper  and black jeans.So the boys went to the graveyard they thought they saw a ghost I shouted frantically that I saw the devils grave we ran back home  but it was misty.They still played truth or dare but promised not to get into the same dare that they got into lastnight but the dares were small they were imbarrassted and laughed together and never went. To that graveyard again

WK15 The strange boy called Dean

Once there was a boy Dean who’s alwayls dreamed about going to never land  but in the beginning it wasn’t just an ordinary boy.But he didn’t know it because in every dream he was perfect peter in never land.Every single night for 3 months he had the eggsact same dream  but when he woke up he was jumping around.So he got his friend jombibidy bob to watch him all night but jombibidy bob could fall asleep so he brought his other friend Jack. But mysteriesly he flew out his window and his friends went looking for him it was a surprise they met Peter Pan  soon they seen.Dean so they new it was him they’re told him the next day and his dream came threw so he was ok and lived happily ever after the End.

WK:12 The perfect Christmas

Once there was a boy James who couldn’t wait for Christmas cause it was just around the corner after waiting 23 days.It was finally Christmas eve James woke up and went down stairs to eat breakfast.So James’s dad made him a sandwich that was left there so James’s dad gave it to him but he didn’t know there was a battery in the sandwich.James said to his dad he feels weird and out of know we’re he became energetic he said dad all I can see is the colour white.So James’s dad hurried  him to the hospital for a check up to see what is wrong they took out the battery by making him sick but they had a perfect Christmas and they lived happily ever after.

WK11: The strange man

There once was a man that use to walk around town he was there every day from about half two to six oclock’ my friends told me .The strange man was always wereing black the man wore a black hood once i got sick of seeing him so i followed him i shouldent of have but i did.The man walked for miles he led me to a forest were he stoped i think he spotted me’ i got scared so i ducked behind a tree and hidden my self as much as i could he heard foot steps getting louder i heard a bang i was missing and i wasnt found the

WK:10 The robbers

Once there was  robbers there names were Jim and Bob.They robbed a lot of things because there robbers but once they tried to rob a house.They got rocks Jim and Bob and threw then at a window nobody heard the Big Bang because everybody was asleep.Thats when most robbers try brake into people’s houses luckily nobody was home so Jim and Bob got everything they could.But soon at sunrise the people got home they knew they god robbed by looking at there hidden cameras Bob and Jim didn’t plan out the rob so they didn’t know were to hid the money…but were would we hide it  soon they were found by the police and never to rob again.

Wk:6 The boy that got knocked out ???

Once there was a man with a funny face he lives in tramore.There is a skatepark out in tramore he was really good on ? he got into scooters because scooters got so popular. Every week he learned new things. Tail wipes and bryes. But there was always fights in the skatepark . A teenager who tried to take his scooter he wouldn’t give him his scooter. So there was a fight between him and the teenager . ? Pow bang ? he lost  sadly and lost his scooter and got knock out. Soon when he woke up ha was in water and couldn’t breath he didn’t make it he never went on scooters again.

Wk:5 my most precious thing

my most precious thing it’s a living thing that is fluffy.He has a tail.somtimes they are small and some are kind of big he likes me and he is part of my family.We use to brig him out for walks he is very friendly and hyper active like me that’s why I like him so much.I got him from my dad and he sadly past away in 2016 .We are looking to get a new one like him and we wish we still had him but not everything lives for ever.Did you guess yet what he is








Wk 4: The dog who wore glasses

There was a dog who wore glasses. He has a owner his owner always goes out side to play.He was with his friends   Jimmy and Dean they were on there two scooters and mini rocker.A fourteen year old girl who  made a fight and tried to take the scoters and bikes .They wouldn’t let her so she gave Jimmy a dig to the face Jimmy was angry ? and sad at the same time he went home. He showed his dad his dad was angry but felt sorry so he bought Jimmy a dog that wore glasses.He was funny so Jimmy felt better and never got angry again.