Wk 30 the mystery box

It all started when my brother Jake got a box in the mail. I knew something was up because he didn’t order anything. Jake had to order off my credit card because he didn’t have one. ‘When did it arrive?’  I said suspiciously. Jake didn’t even now what was in the box our mum called us and said we had to go. We actually forgot about the box for a while after that. Months had passed and then we remembered about it. But when we opened the box it was the scariest thing we had ever seen.

Wk29 the grave

It was a cold wet misty night when Steve was going to his grandmothers grave. He brought here coin but he dropped it and worried. He was looking around frantically when he turned around he saw a man with a crimson mask. He was so scared he shouted as loud as he could but no one heard him he was being chased by the person. He ran as fast as he could but he wasn’t making progress. He stopped and looked at the person the person was starting to mask off when they it was his grandmother 

Wk18 The frozen helpers

This is a story about a king and his helpers. This story is based in the year 170. The king would send out his helpers to go and get people and bring him to the king so he could get people to help in his kingdom. One day when three helpers went out to get someone for the kingdom it turned out the person he went out to get was a superhero. When they tried to get the superhero he fought them off and put a spell on them. That made them into penguin statues and they never got out of the spell. Now there outside a museum.

Wk17 the friendly snake

Long ago before there was any laptops or you could even spray paint your cars colours like red ,green and pink actually there wasn’t any cars. There were big snakes that would go around hunting there prey. But one day there was a boy called James who was cycling and let me tell you a fun fact about James.He would always carry around a pocket watch he got from his grandad because they never had a clock. Anyway when James was cycling his bike the snake struck and James fell off his bike. But when James got up he couldn’t find his pocket watch. Just then the snake came over and gave him back his pocket watch.

WK15: The Shapeshifter

In the beginning there was a boy called Joe and Joe hated dogs you will see why later. Joe wasn’t ordinary Joe had superpowers his superpowers were he could shapeshift into anything he wanted to. But one day he shapeshifted into a dog and couldn’t get out of it. The owners of the dog realized there dog was acting weird. So they brought him to the vet. The vet said it was not a dog inside it something had got into it. But just then the dog spelled out”I am Joe”. So the vet did some sort of spell and then Joe popped out of the dog. Joe never shapeshifted again.


WK12: The Picnic

A husband and wife were going to a picnic so they hurried into their car.But the car battery was very low when they got to the campsite they took out the food.They had sandwiches made from white bread.When they got there they were tired but weirdly  energetic.But they got a bit worried when they started hearing noises and things that sounded like bears.They started hiding in the campsite just in case there was something there to right there was a bear in the campsite.The bear came near the couple and then he did something no one wants to hear.

WK11: the scariest week ever

This all started on the seventeenth of February 2007.It lasted a week so let me tell you what happened.On the seventeen when I started hearing noises when I went to bed.On the eighteenth the same thing happened but I could hear stuff moving.On the nineteenth stuff started getting weird the same stuff was happening but I could see something in my house wherever I went it went.On the twentieth,twenty first and twenty second it was all the same stuff.But On the twenty third I had enough I ran into the woods and tried to get away but I saw the guy that was in my house in the woods I realized who it was it was death.

Wk10 The bank robbery

My name is John I’m from Chicago one day I was sitting in my house bored so I called my friends and did something stupid.I robbed a bank.Now i will tell you the story from when we got to the bank.So first of all we went in with masks on to hide our identity and guns blazing.I went down to the safe and forced them to open it.In the end we got ten million out of the bank.When we were driving away we said something and it got in the papers I said ” but where would we hide it all”. In the end we didn’t get to hide it we got caught 20 years in jail we got.

Wk 9 the special camera

This is a story of a photographer who has a few famous photos.This photographer has never been named.One day when he was taking photos in Paris there was a market outside and after he took it and he printed out he saw three people who looked faded out and assumed they were ghosts.Then he remembered the camera he took it on was a one of a kind camera which he bought for five thousand Euro’s.So then he started taking pictures all around the word in places like London,Rome,and L.A after taking all these pictures he was going home.But when he was going home he dropped his camera and it broke all the pictures where gone.

Wk6 hurricane Ophelia

My name is Steve and I’m reporting for The Irish Times.I’m reporting on the worst hurricane in Ireland in over 50 years.It was a red alert hurricane and it was called hurricane Ophelia.It had winds up that were so strong that it could blow roofs off houses and easily blow down trees.It was very scary next to the sea the waves were up to 45 feet in the air.Some people got lucky to not have anything knocked down near or around their house.There are three people that have passed away.Someone was also found in a river and all you could see was the bottom of his legs and his boots.

Wk5 My favourite thing

Last month my favourite thing has been in our family for five years.He gets very excited when people come home from work or school.When I come home and finish my homework I play with him for a while and bring him for a walk with my dad.He can be very hyper and then afterwards he will be very sleepy.When  there is thunder and lightning he makes a lot of noises.When it is sunny out he will just lay in the sun.When it is cold out he stays inside and rubs against us.All my family loves him and he loves us.

Wk4: The weird hallucination

Ok so this a story about a boy called John.He was a very weird boy but nice and friendly.One day he was hanging around with his friends.They were walking around when out of nowhere John suggested to go to the supermarket his friends agreed to go.It was a quite a long walk but they got there after a while.John just decided to get a potato then left.He ate the potato then he started hallucinating.There was a dog and there was a giraffe,cat,and a zebra.Oh yeah and the dog was wearing glasses all the other animals were wearing hats.So he thought the dog was the leader of the group.

The boy and the scientist

There was a boy called Steve.When he went to school he was sitting next to a genius.Everyone taught he was a professor.Meanwhile Steve found school very difficult.He always wore shoes that were ment to be like crocodile’s they were called crocks.He always wore the purple ones.When he got out of school he went straight home and relaxed for a while.Then he went out with his friends and played football for a while.Then they just walked for a while.His friends abandoned him after a while.But then he saw a twisted scientist.Steve stared at him for a while and then the scientist saw him

The alien spaceship

The enormous green alien was in his spaceship just after leaving an unknown planet.As he was leaving the planet his spaceship was hit by a boulder.It left the spaceship in two halfs and crashing into a planet the didn’t know it was earth.A load of crystals and diamonds came out of the spaceship.Two men came out wearing protective clothes.Just in case it was a weird material they didn’t know of.Then the enormous green alien came out injured but walking on one leg.The two men were so fascinated they didn’t what to do when the alien came up towards them.