Pretty Gorilla

Once there was a pretty gorilla.But this was no ordinary gorilla.It could talk and juggle and all that stuff.And it lived by a lot of yellow bananans and right by a pile of bricks.But back to the story.The pretty gorilla had gone running for her morning run.But as she was running she saw a huge banana in a very small tree down the road.She climbed the very small tree and got the huge banana.And when she got down from the very small tree it broke!Saw she just went on eating her huge banana as the tree was on the ground.And then she got arrested.THE END

The Mysterious Haunted House

Once there was a boy called Johny Jimbo and he went trick or treating one night.He went to this big house on Halloween night.Now it was humongous bigger than humongous. So he knocked on the bigger than humongous house.Nobody answered but the door opened.He walked in and nowbody was there.He walked up a staircase leading to 2 doors.Johny Jimbo went into the second door.I wondered what was behind the other door he said.There was a hallway behind the door.Then he saw so many sweets.He took them all.Then he felt dizzy and he collapsed and fainted.He woke up the next day lying in his bed.



the house fire by shane

When I was just two months old both my parents past away in a fire.I was a lonely child and I was the only person saved,but got badly burned.Now I live with my grandparents only a block away from my old house.Today is the anneversary of the fire and im going back to the old house to explore it.there is a terrible chill in there.Suddenly i heard a BANG.and in the flash of lightning i saw my parents with a new child.But that new child was actually me.i could see in to the past.

the accident by shane

once upon a time there was a mighty king who ruled the whole of Europe.And for years he had all of his slaves build a giant castle for him.But an accident occurred.It was the last day of the castle to be finished and two slaves were running away from gladiators with horses and the two slaves were not looking where they were going and got stuck got stuck in wet paste that had been drying.And that is the story that has been being told for generations that is called the “two men in the castle wall”


Long,long ago there was a different race before humans on earth that no one knew about and  they were much larger than humans and some dinosaur.But when the meteorite hit earth they were wiped out.But for some reason whenever it rained they came back to life.But when it stopped they turned back to stone.Soon when humans evolved grass and trees covered the men who were stone.Suddenly a MASSIVE storm came and it rained for over two years.And the men came back to life.They soon formed an army to conquer the WORLD!!!!!!!!! MUA HA HA


One time long long ago there was a dinosaur that was really fearsome,bloodthirsty always ready to fight to his kingdom he ruled trough fear.He had a throne room in his kingdom that only he was allowed to go inside.But all the dinosaurs thought it was a torture chamber but really it was a disco room where he loved to dance with fossils.his favourite dance was called the fearsome boogie.And he loved to call himself boogie storm.But one time a pack of pterodactyls tried to attack the kingdom and they went in to the kings disco room and instead of dancing they had a dance off and the king dinosaur won!!!!

9/11 by Shane

It was the 11th of September 2001.It was just a normal day well that was what we thought.My boss called me into his office to give me  a promotion .Suddenly there was a loud crash the noise was so loud i nearly went deaf.The whole floor crashed to the ground. Suddenly i got this terrible pain then i felt nothing my two legs were gone .Suddenly my vission went black i was terribly scared.Then i woke up in a hospital bed petrified but at least my family were there with me to help

president by shane

Once there was a city called Mauve city .One night there was an election underway.The man they all loved was MR.Steel Carrots . The man they all hated was MR.Farts because she smells like farts .So you can all guess Mr.Stell carrots has now been allected for president.But Mr.Farts had known he wasnt going to be allected so under the building was a gas tank that smelled like farts.Which MR.Farts put there to knock out everyone in the building for 1000 years so he could be president but he turned very tearful because he got arrested for murder so el macho taco is now president and made everyone Mexican.

cup final by shane

It was new years day the day of the cup final.The saints were up      3-0 they thought they were going to win the game easily. Everything was going there way.At half time the crusaders manager said ”Something is going to have to change out there lads we need to start believing in ourselves”.we can come back.SO the team ran out onto the pitch it started raining as the weather changed they started to comeback into the game.Yes !!!!!!! 3-1 GOAL!!!!!!!!3-2 WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!3-3 FULL TIME.Its all down to penalties it went as far as 7-7 in penalties one more for crusaders Goaaaaallllll crusaders have won the cup !!!!!!!!!!!!

Owl Man By Shane

In the  year 3096 there was a superhero called owl man and there were four  supervillians that only come out in spring summer atumn winter.They used the weather against Owl Man . He could barely defend there superpowers but he was a black belt in tae-olw-do so he could turn his head in a 360 spin.And he could turn his body around aswell so the time came.Summer and Winter teamed up.They fought to death owl man ;I looked front and behind ,which way.Summer was infront of me Winter was behind me they came running at me so i 360 kicked them and they were out cold “IM VICTORIOUS”!!!!!!!!!!!!

The zoo by Shane

One Sunday afternoon my Mam dad decided to take me to the zoo.So then on the way to the zoo we heard on the news that the biggest crocodile in the zoo had excape.So next thing you we see the crocodile running down the street shooting wide orange fireballs out of its mouth.When we approached the zoo people where running in all directions.One old women even collapsed on my dad “it was hilarious ” Within a matter of minutes the zoo keepers where holding back a two headed tiger that was running through the zoo.THIS WAS THE BEST ZOO EVER !!!!!

The graveyard adventure by Shane

One summers night ,there were these three boys having a sleepover. The city that they all live in is called Sure city and legend says that every night in a graveyard near where the boys live,the ghosts of the people that have died come to life.So that night the boys all went out at 2:30 am, they headed for the graveyard and watched as the graves began to open up. Out came the ghosts and as the boys hid they watched them all head out the graveyard gate and down the road. The boys followed them as  they wandered around the neighbourhood, they looked like they were going somewhere, but where were they going?… to be continued!

The Adventure by Shane


One hallowe’en night a group of kids snuck into a haunted house. As they gingerly pushed open the creaking door, the dim yellow light flickered. They crept down a long hallway and entered a room with a large bookshelf. One of the boys took a book from the shelf and discovered that the bookshelf moved and they could see a dark corridor. They had a conversation about whether they should go down the corridor. Some wanted to have a look, however they decided it was probably a bad idea. They all ran back up the hallway, out the door and home to tell their parents about their remarkable adventure.


The 5 ninjas by Shane

Once apon a time  there were 5 ninjas in New York night they were chasing 2 guys in masks with knives but it turns out the 2 guys were leading them to a criminal base.In the base they were working on a nuclear bomb to blow up superhero base but a spider crawled into a jar of nuclear waste.You know if something touches this kind of nuclear waste it will become 20 times its size.So that night the spider was climbing trough a crack in a wall and POOF!! It was 20 times it’s size.The next day the criminals found the spider and covered it in nuclear waste so they could take over the world HA HA HA

The best day of school by Shane

One day I was in school. We went on school trip to the Wildlife Centre. We got there we saw a Giraffe with pink underpants on him. My teacher was riding around on a skateboard quietly because the guard was asleep.But then the guard was awoken by a drilling noise . The guard seen my teacher and he got arrested and everybody ran off. five people ran off to  feed the monkeys. Other children got eaten by lions. The last pair of children went swimming with Penguins.All the children’s parents came and picked them up.It was the best day of school ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!