WK18: The three men

There was once a terrible person who could kill people, and then turn them to stone. His name was Venquis, and everybody hated him. One horror filled day, three brothers were on their way to the market,when Venquis barged in and turned everyone to stone. Well, everybody except the three brothers, who somehow escaped away from Venquis living. However, it didn’t last long, because Venquis caught up with them, killed them, then turned their bodies to stone. He then got their stone bodies, got them, then showed them to the public. Everyone now follows his orders as slaves to him.

WK17: The deadly snake

It was a normal day like any other. A lot of people cycled to school, for some reason.They came in the main gates.Then out of nowhere, a snake appeared out of thin air, and started slithering away. It was a red snake, so we could all see it perfectly. No biggie. But before anyone could react, it started attacking people, severely injuring them.  Everybody ran to hide in the huge storage closet, being quiet as they could be. After waiting a while, somebody grabbed a clock to check the time. They realised that they had been in there 4 hours. “Maybe the snake is still out there”, said the terrified man.

WK16: The Creepy Hand

It was a day like any other, but it just seemed a bit weird. No one was coming outside, all the lights were turned off. It definitely was a bit strange. That was because all over the globe, giant hands were terrorising everybody, and sometimes killing them. People were trying to get rid of them, and I mean really trying, shooting them, blowing them up, and sometimes even setting them on fire. It lasted for months, until the last one was left, right here in Waterford. It lept up to space and we never saw the ever again, thank god.

WK15: The big bang

It was a normal day but they hadn’t  even been invented yet. In the beginning, there was the Big Bang. It invented stars, galaxies, and the universe, 14 billion years ago. Just a few billion years ago, the Earth was finally born. Volcanic eruptions caused gases to escape, and form the atmosphere. Secondly, along came the dinosaurs. They were fierce, very very loud, and huge. It lasted for a long time, but then they all died. A couple of million years later, humans were born. Ever since, humans have been running the system, but who ever knows when we will perish.

Wk:12 The white sandwich

Once there was a man named John. He was a very energetic person. He was about to go off for a jog, but decided to eat a sandwich. He got two slices of white bread, some ham, cheese and made it. He ate it really fast and then he hurried out the door, because it looked like it was about to rain. But he was missing something. His Fitbit was not working, because he was missing a battery, so he ran back into the house to get it. He came back from his half hour jog, and he was tired.

Wk:10 The Robbers.

One day there was a bunch of robbers in a van, this was their getaway van for when they were finished. They were planning to steal the National Bank Of France, which holds millions of Euros. They went in with black bags and dark woolly masks, and in those bags were stickers and guns. They put the masks on, took out the guns, and stickers, pointed the guns at the employees, and carefully put the stickers on the cameras. They opened the safe and put all the money in the bags. They went to the getaway van, and drove away. They said ” but where will we hide it all.”? I guess we will never know.

WK:9 The Day The World Began To End.

One dull and wet day in Italy, it was about 7:00 pm, and everybody was out. Then out of nowhere, these random people that looked like holograms or ghosts started terrorising people. They started pushing them onto the wet ground where they disappeared into oblivion, then out of nowhere they came back looking like holograms. It soon spread all over the world where people pushed and shoved people onto the floor, off of buildings and even into rivers. The people who got pushed into rivers rose from the dirty water. There maybe some survivors out there are they ghosts or are they human, I guess we’ll never know.

WK7: The scary house of Ireland

One day when me and my family were in Wexford, we went to the haunted house of Loftis Hall. It was close enough to Halloween,so it made it that bit more scary. It was early in the afternoon, and then we went inside for the tour.It was very scary and we were halfway there and as the door slammed,I knew I that there was someone was in here. I asked my mam and dad could we get out, and they asked the tour guide and she said yes. Now I know for sure I will never ask to back there.

WK6: Storm Has hit Ireland on weekend

Hurricane Ophelia has hit Ireland in the worst storm in more than 50 years.Enough damage has been done all over the country,with thousands without power.Trees have fallen everywhere,and even have fallen on people’s houses.Pictures show in newspapers     of wind blowing debris all over the road and on the footpaths,and even trees ripping out of the ground.For the first time also Ireland got a status red weather warning.People all over Ireland are without power and even water,and everyone is paying a bit of money to help those in need,and help them get a new house if theirs got destroyed.Millions are hoping that this will never happen again.

Wk5:My favourite thing in the world

It is a game played all over the world.Two of the best teams on the globe originate from Spain.I go to it every Tuesday and Saturday.My favourite player is Lionel Messi,and he plays for Barcelona.It is my favourite game, because my friend set it up for me a few months ago, and I have been playing ever since.It is my favourite game to play, and it gets you really healthy and fit.I play it at de la salle football club and I play as a defender, and a defensive midfielder.I really enjoy it, and I hope I will play for a long time.

Wk4: The funny dog

It was about 2 years ago I got a dog out of the vet in September.We got it,and my brother called it Rocky.He was a cross breed with a terrier and he was a ginger dog.He would bark at anybody running at him,and whenever he got into trouble,he would roll over on to his back to get his belly tickled.I went out of the room for four minutes,I came back in and the dog was wearing glasses,and I was laughing my heart out,and Rocky was barking at me.We have had him for 2 years now,and he is as energetic as he ever was.

The Professor

One day there was a professor in his lab in underground New York City.He loved the colour purple and his whole lab was covered in it.It was very weird.But then one day,an 11 year old boy stumbled across an open hatch and he jumped down the twisted tube.The professor greeted the boy.”Hello ,my name is Cornelius Quinton”.It was very difficult to say his name.The boy called Sean,greeted back with “hi my names Sean what is this place,then Sean was frightened at the sight of a crocodile pool .” This is my lab which you are going to stay here forever,and let out a ghastly laugh.