the evil mastermind

Hi I’m Roy .I live in a crimson world lots of grave yards .I shouted frantically at my friends to tell them there’s a misty storm on its way . There’s a man that everyone is looking for police to . He was a criminal crazy in fact . And a mastermind infamous man . With 3 kids he’s on a steak of murders .he killed vesace at he’s lovely home on the front of his steps . In broad daylight we are trying to find him . He shooted he’s best friends. And is on his way to a different state on the plane he shot hi self

Wk17 The purple snake.?

Once there was a man in Springfield he’s best friend is Bart . His name is fart and he a girlfriend but she was not the type that normal people will go for, she got a purple snake but she wanted a red one . For her birthday she was depressed so she went off on journey to find , a red snake. She cycled up the mountains and she found a blue green and even a orange snake but not a red one . She saw a red light and her eyes sparkled up and then fart and bart said stop before the clock thinks our else she was gone what happened next …….

Wk15: the association

Before you think it’s JFK your wrong . Now the association is about an  young man. He’s name is John there’s is a present of United States of America . He had a row with the president . Because John wanted proper  houses instead of thes old barn houses. But they looked nice. But they don’t keep out the rain, they planned the assassination to kill him when  he go down the road for the pared . So cut throw the crowd , and hop over the fence, and blend in with the road , with a camouflage suit . The day we’re on the road I’m crawling through the road hers my move ., he’s dead I ran into the crowd and home to hide ., mission complete

Wk12 The sick town

One day in a small town were no one was happy . There was a boy who was a happy  and energetic . He always runs to the shop. To get a white bar and a sandwich. Every day . But one day his mam was very il, . But she said she won’t tell the boy . Oh bye the way the boys name is jack . The mam said tomorrow I’m going to tell jack before her battery ran out . she changed her mind and was going to tell the boy today .jack  came in the house  she hurried to tell the boy she had a week left.jack started crying  now that he knew his mam was about to die .  The doctor said spend all of time with her.

WK11: 1912

one day in 1912  . People built a ship called titanic . It was huge with life boats on the side . I think it is in April  when the passengers boarded .and they left  there whey two people called jack and Mary I’m jack bye the way . I survived and mary . But I was thinking  about how I  was going to spend this trip on a boat but obviously you know it’s the middle of the trip  . When a felt the ship wobble it was raining .I looked out the window we crashed I knew I had to save Mary. And get her in a lifeboat we goat in and stared rowing the boat we were the first to escape and safe on a island..








WK 10:when we stole the bank

Hi I’m Roy I’m with my friends josh Ben and Ben 2. I’m really thinking of robbing a bank what do you think. So I have a plan that at 12 .30 at night just before it closing. Were going to hide in the toilet . At 1 o’clock at night we come out .and tight the janitor to a chair. In two weeks . I we nt to bed .two weeks later I told my mam I was going for a sleepover at Ben 2 house. 12 o’clock that night on our way to the bank .ohh I forgot to tell our town is poor . 12.30 in the toilet waiting for it to close its clear. Janitor took out one more thing to do Stella it .. it is done were wil we hide it all. What would you do .

Wk9The beautiful forest

One stormy night I was at a stormzy concert it was   crowded  and lots of fights  kicking diging it was a crazy night. …… the next day went out to the forest . I felt like I was in a different world . It was so beautiful . Me and Luke went home . To get our clothes . We decided . That we will sneak out  for a year and come back. Here we were at the forest the most beautiful view you will ever see in your life . It was a view over beautiful buildings . And lots of people …. the next year we said we had to go back home .  So we did by forest  forever …. Luke started to get very sick over someone cutting the trees …. luke has past away….  Continue reading “Wk9The beautiful forest”

Wk 6 the poor town

hello im Roy im just a normal boy in a normal town .    .every day it’s basically the same old thing . Not until today I said to my self  because I was sick and tired . On til my mam saved up all her money to go on a holiday for a year. But it was a holiday to America . There we were in America we stayed in huge hotel  everything was free just like that we were back home . And as the door slammed we were back I knew something was very fishy but why . Because they had new buildings such as bowling and football all weather pitches  . It was a miracle our hole town got together and had an all free.  day we all live happily ever after

Wk6 Man united plane crash

One day man united were going to play a big game . it was snowing  very strong the teams flight got cancelled .so they all said they need to go so they went on the next plan.   and they went on plan . Very wobble  start . About  half way through the flight. Bobby Charlton  and Denis Irwin . We’re playing a game of cards . That’s when the plane started the really wobble  . Then boom the crash loads of incont people were surverly hurt.  and a few dead one of the best players were in a pond with his boots hanging  out of the pond  on that sad day . In the munic crash man united lost half of the team.

Wk4: The dog and his magic glasses

Once there was a fella named josh .he’s very posh  he had a dog called Ben. he loved to go to the park in with josh .so there we where there was a mysterious per of glasses me and went over .boom and the dog was wearing glasses . He made a weird face but why.because he was wearing glasses . Boom post it on the internet we’ll be known worldwide . 1115 comentes in 30 seconds. Every dog competition wanted Ben in the the world we picked one. It was dog surfing we  went down to miami . There where lots of dogs . It was Ben turn it terns  out without bens . Glasses he was nothing.

Twisted professor

One day a silly professor thought a class that were so rude .he wanted to give them to the pruple crocodile . so jimmy went of to the woods with the professor. To hunt for the wood we went back to the camp we got the wood had a nice relaxing night . Went back to school the next day. And so the class we had pe on a Friday the day was over  we all went on a class trip on a none school day because  professor thought that if he brought them on a trip they would behave but little did he now that there would  push him down the stairs to his doom


One scary Halloween night me and the lads went out in grange manor  and we saw a very tall curious man walked in a scar face mask ? so we went out tricker treating and dean said something he should not have said and all of us felt weird and we went asleep then woke up in this big mansion we new that it was the tall man we sneaked into the room were he was planning  to end us with to outher fellas and then my friend new he had to set of the fireworks pointing at him boom it hit then it hit and in the end there were going to give us coulorfull grapes