Week 4:Farty Fred

One day a man called Fred wanted to build a rocket but was to dumb to do it.But his friend works For NASA Fred’s friend really want to help but he can’t or he’ll get in trouble.So Fred done the unthinkable he made himself into a rocket,they called him “Farty Fred” also Fred is 9 foot tall.Fred said he would power himself with farts.He was launching in five four three two one when it just wouldn’t take off they scared him so much he farted four thousand times and 80% of the population died.

Week 3 The Greedy Boy

One day Josh was on his bicycle along with his friends but a boy,Bobby was desperate for a bike.Bobby’s parents didn’t have a lot of money so they bought Bobby a yellow tricycle.When poor
Bobby rode it everyone laughed at him but Josh felt bad so he asked his parents for money and they said “of course.”And he gave Bobby money for a bike,he greedily spent it on sweets and drinks.Josh was angry but Bobby decided to fight Josh Bobby’s friends warned him and Bobby got beat up by Josh so much he fractured his Ribcage.

Week 2:

Once there was to kids called Sam and Carl.They lived in a small town called Powerville.One stormy night Carl rang Sam,they talked about the storm for a while,then everything stopped and a big flash of thunder struck beside Sam’s house.Carl ran over to Sam’s house he saw the mark on the ground and asked Sam what happened.Sam told Carl and he was scared,this never happened before Carl turned around and saw a tall figure standing in front of him Carl ran and ran suddenly he fell.