Wk 29 Prison break

It was a cold misty day in Philadelphia. There was a huge prison being built. When it was finished they brought one million prisoners in. One day a prison called Misty was walking down a crimson pathway to there cell. Misty shouted so loudly at other prisoners the guards ran frantically to stop them. It turns out it was actually a signal to the other prisoners to escape. Misty then opened up some of the cells. The gaurds were in grave danger. A group of helicopters came in and almost all of the prisoners escaped in the helicopters.

Wk:18 Wumanji

One day a boy and a girl were bored and they decided to play a game. They played an old board game they found in the attic. They started to play but they got sucked into the game. They had to finish the game to get out. So they rolled the dice the boy got a six and the girl got a four. They moved up in the board the boy landed on a move up three he was only two spaces away. The girl rolled the dice she got a six and on the end and the boy got a three and escaped.

WK:The Time Machine

One day in 4272 a scientist was testing a time machine. It was dangerous but he had to do it. He went back to 1209. He made it to England. Although he didn’t know it there was a snake behind him. The snake killed him. A man in the town picked up the time machine. He went to England in 2017. He saw a bike but before he cycled to a big clock he saw a red hat on the ground. He went and grabbed it and put it on he went to the clock but fell. The  time machine broke,he tried to go home but died in the process

Week 16 The Thing

One day I was moving to a house with my friends. I was going to a college out of town. I went to put the keys in the door but it opened before I put the keys in. When I looked I saw a hand on the door handle. When I blinked  it was gone. I waited for my friends to arrive but they never came. I was so scared, something hit me on the back of my head. I fell unconscious. I woke up a day later in the hospital. There was another hand on the floor.

Week15 Evolution

In the beginning of the Earth it wasn’t like it was today. It was just a big rock floating around space. Not even any form of life at all. A couple million years later you can see bacteria but that’s it . A couple more million years later water creatures roamed the ocean. Millions more years later you can see reptiles and then came the dinosaurs. They got knocked out by the asteroid. Then came monkeys they were the smartest animal at the time . Now there are humans we changed the world completely and now were here

Wk:12 The detective

One day a young boy who was about three years old. His life was about to change completely. He was about to witness a murder. He ran home only to see his parents on the floor dead. Thirty years later he became a detective. He decided to take up a case. He went to the crime scene he found a table. The table had a bitten sandwich and a battery on it. He heard a gun shot and turned around. He saw a man with white hair he hurried to get away but the detective was very energetic. He caught and the murderer spent the rest of his life in prison

WK11: The Reaper

One day a young man and his friends went camping. They settled next to a small creek. They saw another group of campers and went to say hello. They decided to do a prank. They decided to push they’re tent into the creek but they did  not know they could not swim.Sadly they did not make it but there were sightings of what looks like a man in a robe. Everyone thought it was just a myth but it was not. One man went into the forest to prove to everyone that it was fake he did’nt make it back

Wk10 The robbery

One day some scientists were making a time machine but little did they know it was fake. The real one had been stolen the night before. They did not know this of course so they carried on. They were finally done so they tested it. The thing is you can’t make a time machine without uranium. It kinda blew up. They all survived somehow and never tried it again. The thiefs names are Tommy and Timmy.They were in they’re van and were on the m50 going to Dublin.Timmy said but where would we hide it all?In the house you idiot

Week9 The cave

On the first of December 1934. A group of explorers were in the jungle. There were four of them.There names were Bill,Ben,Bradley and Jim. Jim went in first he fell. The others went down he was not there.They went further and the further they went the more dangerous it was. Bill was last and the others looked back and he had gone. The others got really scared and went back only to find them on the floor dead. The exit was blocked off so they went further down. Shortly after they were dead and to this day they roam the world as ghosts.

Wk:7 The Jail Break

One day I got in a fight. The guy was drunk. I punched him and he hit his head and died. I went to prison.I was sentenced to lifetime in prison. One day there was a riot on my floor.I made a break for the stairs. They sent guards after me.As the door slammed,I knew the guards were on the stairs. So I stopped at the fourth floor until they passed. I ran back to the stairs but a guard heard me. So I ran even faster I made it to the exit. I stole a car and I was free at last.

WK:6 Ophelia Has Come

On the 16th of October 2017 Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland.There was red alert for the whole day.Even though it was on red alert two people were kitesurfing.Everyone was stuck inside for the whole day.A man was swimming and claimed that the water was fine.Even though it was not.It was the worst storm ever since 1961.Three people sadly died during the storm.The first was a women driving her car and a tree fell on it.The second was a man cutting a tree that had fallen on to the road and another tree fell it and another man got crushed by a tree.I saw a dummy in a pond with his legs showing.

WK:5 My favourite thing

It is a square shaped board. That you play a game on .I got mine off my grandad a year ago. You can not play the game with just the board though. There are two different colours. It is a medieval game that’s been around for a long time. It’s a battle themed game that requires a lot of thinking. Some professional games could last a year or two. It’s hard trying to learn how to move the pieces but when you get used to it, it’s easy. My one is a spears toy company one.

Week 4: The Murder

One day a police patrol were going around town.They saw blood on the ground.It led into a dark and scary alley.They looked around the corner and there lied a manonthe ground.He had no pulse.There was a dog and the was dog wearing glasses!There was a knife on the ground.There were fingerprints on the knife.They brought it back to the station to investigate.They found out who it was and it was Johnny Johnson.They went to his house but it was to late.A couple months later they tracked him down to a small apartment in New York.They caught him and put him in jail

The Wizard Village

Once apron a time there was a small village.This was not an ordinary one.It was a wizard village.You had to be a wizard to get in.There were wizards of every kind.Wizards with red,purple,orange and grey cloaks.One day a professer tried to get in.It was difficult to get in because there was a twisted crocodile guarding it.Day after day he tried.One day the crocodile wasn’t there.He got in.He lived there for a while.He got very lonely he brought his family.They lived happily ever after The end

The nice man

Once apon a time there was a family.The family were very pore.They could not afford a house.The thing is they lived on the streets.There was a boy a girl and also they’re parents.The only money they got was from people who felt sorry for them.The boy got some money and went to the candy shop.He got a whole bucket of sweets.On the way back some kids tripped him and the sweets went everywhere.The boy started crying but this nice man came over.He picked up his sweets and he gave it back to him and ever since that day the man came and visited him

the day of terror

One day in a research lab in Denmark some scientists were messing around with bacteria. Little did they know it would wipe out the whole human species. The next day started to experience some symtoms like sneezing and coughing.Then the next day it was extreme hunger and weight loss.Then the next day they went to the hospital.They did`nt know what to do it got worse and worse within days they were dead but they woke up but as zombies.It spread very very quickly and the poulation dropped  and the last survivers knew they were watching the end.So what lies ahead of the world!