Wk 17 The girl that went missing

Once in a sad, lonely village there was a girl, she liked black holes and she and her mother lived in just a small cottage. She was very poor they lived in a place called Cattervilleit was the weirdest place I ever went to. And once she was walking in her village and she was wondering in town and then she saw a village no one has ever saw so she wanted to go in there, so she then boom boom boom she fell in a hole but how could she just disapear that was the end of the story


Wk3 Jimmy and the beach

Once upon a time there was a guy called Jimmy Carlington.Jimmy went to the beach and this happened? Yeah this happened. So at the beach there were was waves but it seemed to be going backwards.At the beach they went to buy some ice cream,so they went to the shop and they asked for four big ice creams and Jimmy took the first oneJess took the second mam took the third and dad took the last one.They went for a swim and they saw a shark eat someone.So they swam back. And told dad to run. And they did.THE END

Wk2 Boris and the Alligator

Once upon a time there was a guy called Boris,he had a happy life.His family went to the zoo.There were a lot of animals at the zoo.The zookeeper climbed over the cage .The Alligators colour was mauve. That was very tricky very tricky, after that Boris saw the teacher aten the teacher died. That was fun at the zoo.Then we went to a restaurant.In the restaurant there were chocolate logs lemon juice and much more.So I ordered a chocolate log and some orange juice. I enjoyed that. That was the end of the boy Boris.The end.Bye.