Wk18 The ancient stone warriors.

There once was a stone  village that loads of people lived there. Then two years later the stone warriors came to the village. Then the stone warriors attaked the village . And one person got turned into stone  and he was stuck in the stone for ever. But one family escaped to the city near the village. Then they stayed  in the city but one night the stone warriors went and found the family.  And then they turned the family into stone .but they could still move a little bit so then they went to shelter . Because it was snowing really badly and when the snow stopped they went out but then they were stuck in stone for ever. And could not move.

Wk17 The scientist who invented a red snake

Once there was an evil  scientist  who was living in New York City . One day he had an evil plan so he got his bike and cycled to the scientist hard,were store . Then he bought the stuff that he needs and cycled back to his lab . And he took out all his things that he had bought . Next he  started to put his evil plan to getter . Then weeks and weeks he had his evil plan together. And his plan was a big red  snake and then he pressed the button on his head and,he started to destroy the city and then all the city was brought down to its knees.

Han solos Iost hand

One  day  Kyloe  ren  was  in  his  star destroyer  saying  what  can  I  do. Then general  Hux said  that  the  rebels are  attacking the  death star  . Kylo  rent said  WHAT  so then he  got  his  army  of  stormtroopers. Next  kilo ren and  his  army  of  stormtroopers  went  into  the  troop transporter  So they  went off to  the  death  star  and  they went  out  of  the  ship  ,and  into the  death  star  . Next  kilo ren spotted  Loads of  rebels ,so kilo ren took  out his  light saber and killed  them all.Then kilo ren spotted  han solo,kilo ren chopped  hand solo’s  hand off and  , a few  minutes  later  the hand came to life  and  flew off never  to be  seen  again,  so han  solo was called  hand less solo.

Luke becoming a Jedi

In the beginning of Star Wars Luke wanted to become a Jedi like his father. One day when Luke dad said to him I will be back in a while so then his father went off and left his son in the house with his mam .   Then Luke could sleep because he missed his father . And when his mam  herd that Luke’s father killed by the empire shot his father Luke was crying for a long  time  . But then Luke said once I will become a Jedi like my father. So then Luke got signed in for Jedi training and when Luke went in on his first day small little yoga was going to train them and then Luke went on training for the rest of his life .

The ghost night

One night in the city there was loads of people in the city square in  Madrid . Then there was a person that was going into the shopping centre. When he went into the shopping centre he he was in a bad shock when he couldn’t believe what he was seeing  because he saw a crowd of people standing with their phones   and then he saw a load of ghost walking a round the square and then there was a few people ho where  very scared of the ghost and one of the ghost tried to kill 

One of the people.  And the news was all over the news .

The Halloween robbery

It was Halloween night and everyone was out  side  their houses trick or treating  and  when they were all gone in to their homes . And their was a home that there was one house that the owners were all a sleep when a strange man wearing a black mask and he had a hammer ?.  Then the man who had a hammer went in are earea and smashed the sitngroom window and went up stairs and he took all the valuable things in the room and then went in a black van. And then the as the door slammed  I knew that it was a robbery . And I rang the police and they cought the robber then the owners of the house got their vallibuals back to their home and they were very happy that they had not got hurt .

HURICAN OPHilia hit Ireland

On the 16 th of October hurricane opilia hit Ireland with very bad winds and heavy  rain . In Waterford  a woman got killed in a car when a tree branch struck the woman in the car and the passenger wasn’t badly injured in the incident. Then in Tipperary a man was killed after he was trying to clear the falling tree when      he was injured by a chainsaw . And in  tramor Waterford it was very  bad flooding  and the police  told the people to get a way  from the airea . And the  esb wer very buisy after the hurricane  and they still have to  get the electricity  back to  10030 000 thousand  houses all across the country. And France ??  England and Scotland .  It was the worst hurricane  in Ireland since 1961 and  loads of people were whit out. And loads of people were with out power and supplies like water and food before the hurricane hit Ireland loads of people  were in loads of shops and hurricane ended the next day and hope we don’t get a nother storm ⛈  like this agen




my favourite thing i

MY  favourite  thing has four legs  and  it has fur and every time you’re gone to bed it sleeps outside  or inside   and it is very lovable. And  it is very hard to take care and it can go into a cage and get transported.  THEN it can go to races and  the owner  can win trophies and placket . And it can  Have babies  and the it can have five or six babies. They have racing tracks in England and America. The babies can grow up very  fast  they can grow quicker than human babies  and they can run fast when they are babies and  they need needles they have to have two injections   and  they grew  up and have a good life.












One day the greyhound lived in a house in Dublin. AND his name was sonic  and he was the fastest dog. THEN the dog was really famous and , the owner was famous as well  and every time he went  racing in the greyhound  track  and every Christmas ?   He won trophy s every year.  One day he got paid five thousand Euro. THEN the dog  had puppies and the  puppies were so  cute that the kids would like to have the puppies and the kids want the puppies  but the owner said no and the puppies had a great little life and they were really famous.



The.mystereas crash

ONCE  there was a strange space ship flying around  earth.  ONE day  the space ship  crashed landed  on the  earths ground. NEXT the  space ship was in a bad condition and  there was two strange  men  who were standing  looking at the wrecked space ship.  AND beside the space ship there was all  different  colour  balls. AND all the different colours  of  the balls are dyminds from mars.THEN they  were very  rich and  at  night  time  people came to the ship  and  tried to take the dyeminds  but the  people  that own the  space ship they stopped the people and  then  they fixed there  space ship.