Week 7: The Thingy of the Thing.

One day, Sofia and her friends discovered a new place. The place was magical full with unicorns and flying poptarts (Nyan cat). But, there was something harming the place. The “something” was POLLUTION. They only had three options:

  • Die..
  • Hide.. and
  • Find out what was causing the pollution.

Though the pollution was gone for a moment.”But where did it go?” she shouted. No one knew. But eventually it started again.

One of the friends knew what was causing the pollution. They walked towards it.

But when they saw it, they’re were SHOCKED

Week 5: Fysh meets the Weird Skinny Dude

Fysh had just reached Planet Fi- I mean Uranus! (Why this planet exists please tell me..). Fysh licked all the ice he could see (all). After he saw a weird-skinny-dude. First his cousin (yep, cousin came aswell) thought it was some type of moonster (yep, moonster since it came from the moon.) The moonster was of course made out of aluminium foil (lol). The moonsters name was… Ali (-a).

Ali  looked up into the sky to find his mom eating tacobell (she was totally addicted to taco). Fysh and Fash had nothing to say but Alis mother had some diarrhoea after that taco. What did Ali do? We’ll see soon…

Week 4: Fysh Goes To Space

It was a warm summer day, when Fysh was (again) slapping people with fish… Soon, Fysh’s friend, Fash asked Fysh to go to Space. Fysh loved going to Fishland.. I mean Space. Fysh had made his very own Spaceship (Or Fisherspace) He wore his fishy Space helmet and…. Fash just realised something, Fysh didn’t know about the something.  Fash got some oil to the engine when it just couldn’t take off… Fisherspace wouldn’t take off because of all the fish on board. Fysh and Fash were worried about the fish so they put all of the fish into a big fish tank 🐟.

Week 3: The Noob That Loves Fish

Once upon a time there was a yellow noob named Fysh. Fysh loved eating and smacking people with fish. Once he got warned (because he was smacking people with fish) by the PoPo (Police Police). He was desperate about that. After, Fysh went on his fishy bicycle and called it the “fisheghini” I know it’s a stupid name but after he went to McFishys to get a Fish burger and fish chips. He greedily asked for more fish until he was fat as a fish. Fysh went to ride on his fisheghini but he couldn’t because he was as fat as a fish. So he just decided to walk.

Tha End 🐟