Week4 ground control to Major Tom

5,4,3,2,1.Blast off.Major Tom was now on his way to space.He is feeling nervous because in space if something happens no one can hear you scream .Finnaly he reaches his destination,the moon then exits the ship to explore the strange world.While exploring he finds some unfamiliar footsteps.Suddenly he notices a strange little figure following him.He turns back to confront him but realise’s he is not friendly.Major Tom decides to return to the ship and start the rocket to return home when it just wouldn’t take off.The last contact ground control has with Major Tom are screams.

Week 3 How much is that bike in the window by Max

A big shiny black mongoose 2000 bicycle stood in the shop window. Bill said to himself greedily “I want that bike.” Bill’s mother warned him that if he wanted the bike he would have to save up his entire pocket money. For 12 weeks Bill squirreled away all his money. He had dreams his whole life of owning a mongoose 2000. When Bill finally had enough money he went to the shop desperate to buy the bike but the bike was gone. Bill went home and cried himself to sleep. The next morning there was the mongoose 2000 with a yellow ribbon on it. “Happy Birthday!” laughed Mum.