Week 4 Jim bobs rocket project

One really boring day at school Jim bob and his class were doing some kind of rocket contest to see who could build the best rocket. And the most annoying person in the class Betty Jefferson shouted I’m going to win! And laughed like a dying mountain goat. As soon as Jim bob got home he started to make his rocket and when it was finished it had five engines! Then the contest started and every one got ready to launch their rockets. And everyone’s rockets launched really high but Jim bobs didn’t and he pressed the button again and when it just wouldn’t take of… it launched and he won the end

Week3 Jacks big yellow cat

One day jack woke up to go to school but he couldn’t his really fat cat called banana (because he’s yellow) Was laying on his chest. After an hour or so his cat got off him. After Jack had. Had his breakfast he walked to school because his cat ate his bicycle.after jack left banana slowly pulled himself toward the fridge desperately to get a choco bar. After he FINALLY got a choco bar he ate it greedily then he remembered Jacks warning to not eat his choco bar then jack came home. And jack saw the wrapping and said you shouldn’t have done that in a deep voice

Week 1 – The Dark Towel

One day tim Washington was meeting up with his freind jack . jack came and was holding a very tattered towel? Wow I’m the narrator and even I’m confused. He handed the towel over to Tim he was very confused as well. Tim looked behind himself and turned to look at jack…Jack had vanished and Tim ran in fear and two weeks later Tim had died nobody knows how and that is the story of the dark towel