wk 6:The big cake

Once apon a time there was a boy named Jonny he was 12 today.He had a choice a birthday party or have a giant birthday cake.But he chose a giant cake.So the day after his birthday the giant cake was ready.so the shop rang him to come pick it up so jonny and his dad went to pick it up.But they forgot that the cake was 3 meters big!!!so at that point they realised that it was just to big.So the next day they brought a traile rbut the trailer was just the perfect size.but jonny realised he cant eat it all so he invited some of his friends over.

wk4 the stooping train

So once there was a train there was 150 people on it it was going from Galway to Dublin the train journey was going to take 4 hours the train was just leaving But it just wouldn’t take of . But somehow they left there was mechanical problems on the train so it was delayed 1 hour so they went of 1 hour later and half way to dubln the train shut down on a bridge and everyone were afraid that the train was going to fall into the water but no one on the train was able to swim but the train started to move again and the conductor realised that there was to many peopl

week 3 the bicycle

Once there was a boy he was desperate to get yellow bicycle.one day he wandered into the woods and saw 100 yellow bicycles greedily he took one of them and he greedily said I’ll be back for the rest of them. But the next day he completely forgot about the bicycles  but his mom noticed his yellow bicycle and she said what is that and he said it’s my new bicycle. His mom  said where did you get it he said he found a few  of them in the woods and  he said he might aswell take 1 home.